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2017-18 Fixtures and Results



Mens Division 4 Mens CVL
U18 I Premier South U16 CVL Elite
U18 II NL U16 CVL Core
U16 I NL U14 CVL I
U14 Premier U12 CVL
U14 II NL U10 CVL 

Basketball England website (you have to search for the correct League…and results may take a day or two to catch up;- ) )

Hi everyone, Stu here (Nick’s dad U16 NL), I am playing with the website this season and I hope not to cause confusion.

This page is a test but the links are UP TO DATE INFORMATION. The idea is that there is only ONE set of fixture data that RAMS use. The team managers keep this information up to date but then instead of duplicating it, we simply show it to everyone so any changes are updated right away and there is less chance of transcription errors etc. This is one way to do this but it ain’t so pretty;-). I will look at some others later and also a nice way to do the stats!

Click on the links above to view the info.

Any input, drop me a line,