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U16 Rams I vs London Feltham Warriors II


Date Time League Season Match Day
14/10/2017 16:15 U16 Boys South II 2017-18 Sat


U16 Rams I124Win
London Feltham Warriors II26Loss


Whilst the game last week was hard to watch as the Rams boys were overrun by a powerful Harringey Hawks team, this week the shoe was on the other foot.  Feltham II seemed to be awfully young both in years and in basketball experience.

So firstly, credit to those boys for turning up and showing an enthusiasm to play.  That said, National League is probably not the place to be running a team of that nature.  Having lost last week by 120+ this week they suffered a similar fate as Rams simply overwhelmed them in every facet of the game,  Speed, conditioning, size, skill, experience and running out 98 point winners.

The game was so one sided, I wonder if the situation were the Rams needed to concede zero, that could feasibly happen?

In a game like this, I’ll not mention anybody by name because everybody pretty much did whatever they wanted to.  Instead , I’ll mention a couple of team based observations.

  1. The ball is moving which is good.  Most of the shots taken seemed like the right shots.   They may go in or they may not….doesn’t really matter. Our philosophy is to get the ball to the basket and take high % shots.  If it’s not there, kick it out where we can run something.  It’s not about scoring it’s about winning.
  2. Bigs, do what we practice.  Outlet the ball and run  because this year, more often that not, you’ll get it back where you want it…at the basket.  I’ve seen numerous examples over both games that this is the case.  The guards are rewarding runners.  Every time, and I mean every time, you run with the ball, it’s a turnover.
  3. Concentrate on finishing. Even against a far smaller team, we missed put backs and layups.
  4. Concentrate on your role when we have a sideline trap.  The two trappers did their job……don’t be late.  Do yours!

Quotes of the day

Doc Rivers – If you’re not talking, you’re not playing defence.

Jeff van Gundy – Your decisions reveal your priorities.


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