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U16 Rams I vs London United II


Date Time League Season Match Day
19/10/2017 18:00 U16 Boys South II 2017-18 Thu


U16 Rams I285796121121Win
London United II722293636Loss


NL U16 1 Rams 121 – 36 London United II

Another really disappointing game with the competition really not of national league standard. As with the previous game, the Rams really did whatever they wanted to and it was a question of how many points we wanted to run up given that the other better teams in the league will do similar.

At one point the other team got an offensive rebound off a free throw and proceeded to turn around and start sprinting the other way towards their own basket, only stopping when they come into hearing range of a screaming coach and bench where cries of “what the *** are you doing” were heard.

Scoring 36 points over a full game while conceding 121 isn’t great so it was also rather odd to see a player score a mid-range jump shot and run back shaking his ‘hot’ fingers

Again, virtually everyone scored heavily and only some very strict illegal screen calls from a ref prevented that from being literally everybody.

Whenever Rams picked up the pace on D, it led to very quick baskets on fast breaks and at one point, a series of 4 baskets in probably less than 15 seconds off steals from inbound passes saw the score run up really quickly.

It was mildly more interesting watching the referees trying to eject some rather disrespectful opposition fans from the gym and the argument that ensued.

All in all, we have no idea how competitive this team is. They got totally runover by a really good team and have destroyed 2 very weak teams.

With one of the stronger teams up next away at Harrow, we’ll find out.

Against teams that don’t handle ball pressure very well, Tolu is a handful and had a boatload of steals and deflections so that’s the only real thing to note in terms of individuals because no matter the opponent, that still indicated the effort level required.

As a team, way too much dribbling. Way too much. The boys will not get away with this against better opposition

Coach Rick Pitino

“If you got 35 deflections, you’re going to win 95 percent of your games,”


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