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Dear Guildford County Parents,

Your child has been offered a premium 12 weeks after school basketball coaching club that will once again be delivered by Lekan Popoola – Head Coach Surrey Rams Basketball Club. Rest assured when your child is entrusted to the Surrey Rams Basketball Club, they will have an amazing experience. Surrey Rams coaches are of the highest standards and only Rams coaching will give your child access to an active U12 & U14 Premier League Coach, great motivation for your child! The coaching will be led by Lekan Popoola who is ex International/professional basketball player/coach. Lekan Popoola has played for BBL clubs such as Surrey Scorchers , Everton Tigers, Sheffield Sharks and Guildford Heat.


During the 12 weeks at the Surrey Rams after school basketball club, players will be taught the fundamental skills of the game. Coaches will stress the fundamentals of passing, shooting, dribbling to player as well as given opportunity to test these skills out in a wide variety of fun games. Additionally every player will also be taught the tactics of team defense and offense,

Similar to last terms sessions, at the end of the 12 weeks after school club Surrey Rams will once again run the 3 on 3 tournament which was a huge success last year.  Players will be given a chance to team up with Guildford County students and compete for the 3 on 3 County tournament.

Important facts about the Surrey Rams include;


These sessions will be on Monday after school from 15:40 – 16:40. Please note that is a first come first served offer as there is a limit of 15 students per session. Due to the current pandemic, the club will run in  a bubble format and it will be offered to Year 7’s.  If you are interested please fill out the slip below and return to the reception office. Please tick the appropriate box

 12 weeks weeks After school Basketball 14/09/2020 – 14/12/2020(first two sessions are free)


Guildford County After-School Surrey Rams Basketball Club Registration/Payment Form

This online form is a lot simpler and and quicker to complete. All forms will be sent to the Surrey Rams online Registration database.

If parents have any questions please feel free to email the Surrey Rams Admin team:



*Please note the sessions will cost £40.00 (£4.00 per session) for the 12 weeks. FIRST TWO SESSIONS ARE FREE!!
Please note that is a first come first served offer as there is a limit of 15 students per session. Once club spaces are filled, students will be put on the waiting list for January 2021 term course. If you are interested, WE ADVISE FILLING COMPLETING THE ONLINE FORM AND MAKING ONLINE PAYMENT ASAP AS THIS WILL SECURE YOUR CHILD'S PLACE ON THE COURSE.
Payment options.

Option 1 (Preferred method): Online Payment - Due before 18th September 2020 to secure your child's spot on the after-school club

Option 2: Cash Payment - due 21st September 2020 (Parents or students can hand this to coach after the session

  Option 3 : Cheque payment - due Due before 21st September 2020. Please make all Cheques payable to "SURREY RAMS"


(please use the following format i.e - 01/01/2001)
Whilst it is not compulsory that the following section is completed the footnote at the end of this template explains why it is important.
Please detail below any important medical information that our coaches/ Junior Coordinator should be aware of (e.g. epilepsy, asthma, diabetes etc.)
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disabled person as anyone with ‘a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’.

* Neither the mobile number nor the email should be that of the student– this could make children vulnerable and is considered poor practice. For a child/young person under the age of 16, the details should be those of the parent/carer.

To be completed by the parent/carer Please enter the information below to indicate the person(s) who should be contacted in event of an incident/accident.
for example: John Smith
Surrey Rams Promo and particapation declaration
By submitting this completed form, I agree to my son/daughter/child in my care taking part in the activities of the Surrey Rams Basketball After-School Clubs. Additionally by completing this form, I agree to adhere to the code of conduct for parents/carers and my child shall adhere to the code of conduct for Surrey Rams Basketball After-School Club. I understand that I will be kept informed of these activities – for example timing and transport details. I understand in the event of injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me, and to deal with that injury/illness appropriately. To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before taking any images of your child for future advertising and promotion purposes. If you do not wish your child’s photograph to taken or used in any promotional material please tick this box